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What To Look For When Purchasing An Oval Trampoline Online

If you’re looking for some outdoor fun, why not invest in an oval trampoline? Trampolines fill their bouncing users with thrills beyond measure. Instead of paying to use a public one, it’s a good idea to get one for your backyard. Read on as we dive into some tips for buying an oval trampoline.

With an oval trampoline, your jumpers will easily drift into the middle and they’ll have a larger surface when compared to the regular round one. Oval shapes are better known as the ultimate hybrid to the regular round and rectangle designs and the frame is built to last longer. Oval trampolines are better suited for multiple jumpers since the bounce area is larger.

This also reduces the possibility of collisions and jumpers can easily jump longer distances from each other. Additionally, oval trampolines are great at fitting into even the smallest space possible.

Besides considering space, oval trampolines have an advantage. However, you still need to ensure that you’ve got at least 24 feet of overhead clearance. So, if you were planning to put the trampoline under a tree, that’s not the best idea since jumpers can easily crash into overhead branches. Before you set your trampoline, be sure there’s nothing above it beside the blue sky.

In the case of the perimeter, an estimated 2 to 6 feet should be left clear. This provides space so that if anyone should fall out, they’ll land on the flat ground and not on something to injure them. As you look for a trampoline online, it’s best to select one that can fit into your space with sufficient clearance overhead and around.

Safety Nets
Some of the best oval trampoline safety nets are constructed from polyethylene. Since it is inert, it will be naturally resistant to moisture, dust, and other organic materials. This also means that your net will last longer and it wouldn’t need to be cleaned frequently. So, when looking for a new trampoline online, be sure to look out for the polyethylene net since it will even wear the protective coating better.

While nets naturally break down over time, a polyethylene net will last longer than other materials and it’s one of the best safety nets around. They provide enough elastic comfort during jumping. It might be a good idea to stay away from materials such as polyester and polypropylene since they can tear and damage faster.

Enclosure Entrance
The security doors on your trampoline should be more than just a regular zipper. Hence, reinforced stitching on the track will ensure that the net of your potential trampoline is very strong. This enables it to stand up to just about anything that happens in “the ring” while your kids jump. If the model you’re looking at has a zipper on both sides, it makes it easier for them to get out in a hurry or in whenever they’re ready.

Bottom Attachment
How the net is attached to the frame is just as important as everything else that we’ve already mentioned and this is one of the most likely places where your children can fall out from the trampoline. When searching, be sure to select a trampoline where there are no holes or spaces at the bottom for users to fall through. So, be on the lookout for a net that comes with a rope running through it so that it can stay properly secured.


As we conclude, we have just looked at a buyer’s guide to finding a trampoline online. While there are tons of trampolines online, giving consideration to the factors that were mentioned will ensure that your family and friends are safe as they jump.

You’ll also be more confident in making a decision knowing that you know what to look for as you purchase that trampoline online.